Homework #6 (1)

What: Packaging (wine packaging/label)

Function: It informs and attracts the consumer about the wine (its company, origin, date, etc.).

Where: Store

Quality: It is very neat and organized with three sections- company logo (name), picture, and information. Although there is a lot going on (in the picture), using limited colors and fonts unify the whole design together.

Style: Early Modern- I thought of Early Modern because of the design's look of photomontage and its color scheme of primary colors (with black and white). The sans serif font also gives it a Early Modern look. The image with its colors (of the American flag) also convey a patriotic or political look, which was a theme in many propagandas during the World War I (time of Early Modern).

What attracted me: Mostly because the topic of my presentation is Early Modernism, I have been attracted to designs with Early Modern style and characteristics. The image, being faded and composed of different elements, caused me to take time to look at it for a longer time compared to other designs on the rack. The sans serif font on the bottom also looks very modern and classy, which is suitable for wine packaging.


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