Homework #3

What: Identity (cupholder)

Function: The logo and the website identifies the coffee shop.

Where: Cafe Kopi 

Quality: It is successful in presenting its identity (name, logo, and website) with clearly readable letters and layout. Like woodcut printing process, I think that the logo and the website were stamped on the cupholder. While some could say that it does not have high quality in how it was stamped/inked unevenly (as you can see the lines not being sharp and some smudges), I feel that it rather creates a "hand-made" and "illustrated" effect, which I like. The circle enclosing the logo also keeps the eye inside it and prevents the content to look like it's floating in space.

Style: Arts and Crafts; illustrated typography and hand drawn figures are elements of of the Arts and Crafts era, just as this logo- "Cafe Kopi" does not look delicate or simple, similar to the fancy and bold typography used in Arts and Crafts era. 

What attracted me: I always loved collecting or taking pictures of cupholders because they actually add beauty to plain and boring cups. I have seen many cupholders that were printed with design (done on computer) or even have no design on them, and it was a rare finding for me to see a hand illustrated and hand stamped cupholder. It adds the "humanly" effect, which I feel is not easy to be created through computer. The logo itself has a drawing- two people enjoying coffee at night by a bonfire. Not only that the fact that this drawing was hand-drawn but the content also creates a welcoming, relaxed, and warm effect, drawing the viewer to do the same (enjoy coffee). It connects to the viewer emotionally (without the viewer realizing it). 


  1. Kopi is a nice place to go for coffee, but sometimes it's a little crowded for me.


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