Homework #6 (2)

What: Packaging (product packaging for baking powder)

Function: It informs the consumer what the product is (and its information)

Where: Pantry in my friend's house

Quality: The front side of the packaging is very simple with only the necessary information- the company, the product (what it is), and the amount. The image adds the vintage and "trustworthy" look to the product as well. 

Style: Victorian- The part that makes it look Victorian the most is the picture. The picture is black and white and has the theme of "family." Innocent children, mothers, and pet animals were the main content in Victorian advertisements. The outdated look of the fonts go well with the vintage, Victorian picture and overall theme.

What attracted me: It appealed to me that it was designed with the main and most obvious elements of Victorian design. Baking powder is also one of the things that has been around a long time, and this company aimed for the viewer to know that this company has been around for a long time and is trustworthy for baking powder. 


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