Homework #5

What: Publication (book cover)

Function: It is a book cover that tells the title, author, and quotes about the book.

Where: Book shelf

Quality: The composition being symmetrical gives the cover a balanced and simple look. The big and bold type is both legible and readable- it's clear to read and it's bold to catch the viewer's eyes. The key words are highlighted through use of color. I feel that it could have been better by having the words between the title and the author less bold, to make the title stand out more.

Style: Early Modern- The use of bold, geometric, sans serif font is a common characteristic of the Early Modern era. Also, the color palette of this book cover is composed of primary colors as in Early Modern art. Also, the overall design is simple and clean.

What attracted me: I liked the simple yet "loud" use of typography. Because the designer did not use any illustration or photography, all of the viewer's attention is focused and drawn to the words. The use of red for the word "twenties" really catches the eye and targets specifically to people in their twenties.


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