Homework #4

What: Packaging (box)

Function: It informs the consumers about what the product is and attracts them to buy it.

Where: Meijer (grocery store)

Quality: The use of bold font makes it easy for the consumer to read and be informed quickly. The clean and big typography also attracts the viewer to look at it. The design being made up of only primary colors (red, yellow) with black and white create a clean yet "loud" effect. 

Style: Victorian & Early Modern- The upper half of the packaging reminds me of the Victorian Era with the symmetric design as well as the ornamentations (circular border and stalks of wheat). The black banner with the words "Powder Cakes" in serif font are also elements from the Victorian Era. On the other hand, the use of primary colors with black and white is very common in Early Modern design. Bold, sans-serif fonts as well as the geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, oval) are also common elements. Diagonal (slanting) type was also widely used in Early Modernism.

What attracted me: I was attracted at the vintage look of this packaging. The vintage look contributes to the consumer's trust that this company has been making its products for a long time. It provides all the important information with side notes that would make the consumer to buy this product, such as "Whole grains taste better" and "14G Protein." I enjoy seeing how symmetrical and organized it looks as it allows me to retrieve all the information in a single scan from top to bottom, without having to look here and there for information.


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