Homework #2

What: Packaging (container of product)

Function: It tells what the product is (or what it contains), shows what company made it, and the amount contained.

Where: In my pantry (originally in a store)

Quality: It is very successful in presenting the information with minimal words and pictures.  

Style: Contemporary; it is very simple and straightforward, and utilizes negative space (through which you can see the content). It also uses clean typography and a clean layout, in which only the necessary information is delivered. 

What attracted me: I love how simple and minimalistic it is designed, creating the modern look. It's organized into three parts- the company (logo), the content, and quantity. These three parts are all the consumer needs to know in the first sight. Because it is limited to minimal words, it attracts the consumer to identify what it is in the least time. I also feel that it could have been intended to make it so simple because of the company name, "Simply" Organic. 


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